Committed to a Cure for HIV

In 1992, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation did an amazing campaign called “Be Here For The Cure”. It was a beacon of hope during a very dark time in our epidemic.  I’m not sure any of us really believed there would be a cure, but we needed to hold on to something while the world was falling apart around […]

Ending the Epidemic: Declaration to end AIDS in America

Blue Ribbon Panel The momentum to bring an end to HIV is coalescing, we’re asking everyone to commit in writing to ending the epidemic.  Will you sign the Declaration to END AIDS in America?  A Blue Ribbon Panel will draft the treatise.  The Declaration will crystallize our values and beliefs on how to take the science of Treatment as Prevention (TasP), High Impact Prevention (HIP), and Combination Prevention and make […]

Ending the Epidemic: A Shared Legacy

          Happy Pride! In June of 1969, patrons/drag queens at the Stonewall Inn in New York City stood up and fought back against police harassment that had become all too common in lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) communities. Their bravery sparked the modern gay rights movement and is the reason that June […]

Ending the Epidemic: A Call for Leadership

          Last year Secretary Hillary Clinton called for the U.S. to demonstrate leadership and bring about “an AIDS free generation.” On World AIDS Day 2011, President Obama announced a deepened U.S. commitment to fighting the pandemic, declaring “make no mistake, we are going to win this fight.” Now it’s time to incorporate Treatment as Prevention (TasP) into […]

Ending the Epidemic: Sad News

Why aren’t we angry? This year we elect a President.  However, the election is about more than just the individuals running for office, it’s also about the values, direction and leadership of our country.  Why do so many people believe their vote doesn’t matter?  The next president could appoint as many as two (2) Supreme […]