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Motivational Interviewing and HIV: A Guide for Navigators

The Kick ASS Manual (funded by an HIV 50+ Strong & Healthy Mini-Grant)

Blueprint for Biomedical HIV Prevention

National HIV and PrEP Navigation Landscape Assessment Report

Organizational Effectiveness Series: Building Healthy Organizations

Community-based Organizations (CBO) and Health-care Organizations (HCO) Collaboration Fact Sheets

  1. Identifying Strategic Partnerships
  2. Initiating Communication and Building Partnerships with Prospective Partners
  3. Defining and Clarifying Roles Within a Partnership
  4. Establishing Contractual Partnership Agreements
  5. CBO and HCO Service Integration
  6. Aligning Services to Meet HIV-AIDS Policy Priorities
  7. Developing a Plan to Sustain Collaborations
  8. Evaluating Collaborations
  9. Legal Aspects of Collaboration
  10. Understanding the Differences Between For Profit and Non Profit Partnership

A Community-Driven HIV Health Literacy and Wellness Agenda

Affordable Care Act

Community Planning

Disease Prevention / Education

Ethnic/Cultural Specific Information

Fact Sheets

Legal Matters


Prison Populations

Reproductive Education and HIV