NMAC Training Center to End the HIV Epidemic in America (The Center) will act as an umbrella to NMAC’s training and leadership development activities. The Center is committed to working with and training health departments and community-based organizations about ending the HIV epidemic. We are committed to partner with government and non-government organizations, private sectors, health centers, hospitals and community-based organizations, health sciences and research institutions, and most importantly, community representatives within the movement.

The Center will serve as a principal vehicle of HIV public health education, advocacy, and training that will empower people at all levels of HIV leadership, engagement, and workforce. The Center will offer high-quality training, tools, and resources for thousands of HIV professionals engaged in the critical work of advancing public health and improving population health.

The Center Goals

  • Building HIV prevention and care skills for workforce professionals using innovative training technologies as a platform for learning
  • Ensuring that HIV public health professionals can access high-quality training, tools, and resources through the on-line learning navigator
  • Leading training responses to emerging HIV issues
  • Convening HIV change-agents and stakeholders to move the movement to end HIV as an epidemic

Our mission is to train the HIV workforce  to end the HIV epidemic in America and to bring the voices of community to the important tables where decisions are made, particularly the voices of people of color living with HIV, transgender communities of color, black women, gay men of color and people of color on PrEP.

Vision – A well-trained HIV workforce positioned to end HIV as a national epidemic through the delivery of comprehensive training, leadership development, advocacy, and intentional engagement.

Impact – The Center is committed to take on the large and complex challenges needed to train the national HIV workforce to end the HIV epidemic in America. We are committed to be a go-to source of high-quality training for thousands of professionals across the nation.


NextGen, Emerging Leaders FellowshipNMAC’s NextGen: Emerging Leaders Fellowship is a program sponsored by ViiV Healthcare. The program aims to assist young leaders in the fight to end the HIV epidemic in becoming more effective and informed health advocates; it is our goal to empower them to become more active in their communities. Each year the program selects 30 qualified young adults ages 18-25, both living with HIV and HIV negative allies, to build their capacity to partner with a local community agency. This partnership provides education for young adults to influence HIV prevention and service delivery in their communities. Fellows will take part in various events through their tenure including webinars and conferences to help further develop their skills and knowledge to prepare them to lead the efforts to end the HIV epidemic in their communities and across the country.