The Coalition for Justice and Equity Across Movements

The new Coalition for Justice and Equality Across Movements will strategically counter the growing vitriol against vulnerable and marginalized communities. The Coalition envisions an America where all communities have their rights protected at all levels of government and the law and where public policies and resources promote their health, well-being, and safety. This Coalition will unite other national movement leaders and support the collective with state-of-the-art communications and community mobilization strategies.

What the Coalition will do

The Coalition will provide thought leadership on policy priorities to ensure an open, inclusive, multicultural society in which everyones rights are protected, and everyone has access to essential health services.

It is also evident that the HIV/AIDS community alone cannot wage the fight we need to counter these dangers. The trends that threaten the fight against HIV/AIDS are much larger than the HIV/AIDS response, jeopardizing the rights, health, and well-being of a broad array of communities. Suppose we hope to raise awareness of these threats and effectively resist them. In that case, the HIV/AIDS movement must join with other movements to prevent the wholesale erosion of our access to health care and of our constitutional rights.

  • Create the Coalition for Justice and Equality Across Movements, a new arm of NMAC that will guide NMAC’s work to fight the multiple threats facing the HIV/AIDS community; and
  • Provide ongoing support for existing programs to lead the race to end the HIV epidemic.

How the Coalition will work

The Coalition will unite diverse movements in a common effort to fight and increase awareness of the common threats that we face to our rights, our privacy, our security, and our health and well-being.

NMAC will partner with other movement-related organizations and networks to participate in the work, ensuring the broadest possible diversity of participants and constituencies (e.g., health care organizations, civil rights organizations, anti-poverty advocates, housing advocates, organizations and networks of communities of color, LGBTQ organizations, women’s rights organizations, voting rights groups, progressive faith-based groups, etc.).

Coalition members, individually and collectively, will educate the public regarding the linked, intersectoral legal, and political threats confronting diverse movements. This work will undertake advocacy to promote sound, timely policies to address these threats, including but not limited to the rights to healthcare access.

Toni Newman
Toni Newman
Destiny Pearson
Destiny Pearson

If you want to become a collaborative partner to the coalition, please contact Toni Newman or Destiny Pearson.