The New NMAC

2020 The New N,M,A,C - New Mission. New Vision. New Name.

NMAC just completed an extensive strategic planning process that resulted in a new mission, vision and name. This is the most extensive change in the agency’s history. It’s a direct response to feedback gathered from key stakeholders, constituents, board members and staff.  Some of their comments were very challenging. All were carefully considered. NMAC is making a significant pivot working for racial justice to end an epidemic.

Starting immediately, NMAC will lead with race.

This means we will not shy away from the difficult questions and discussions about the impact that race has on ending the HIV epidemic in America.

NMAC leads with race to urgently fight for health equity and racial justice to end the HIV epidemic in America. 

  • America is a just, innovative and compassionate country for people living with and at-risk for HIV.
  • Health equity by race has been achieved and the country is marking record-low new incidence rates in a waning epidemic.
  • All people living with HIV have broad and affordable access to high-quality, culturally intelligent health care, and are not disparagingly defined by their HIV status.
  • NMAC continues to be a respected partner in achieving these ambitious outcomes.


Our vision reflects the world we hope to see by 2020.

It may be impossible and we’re probably overreaching, but that’s what makes it so exciting.  NMAC has a big vision for America and we want you to join our fight.  Health equity within communities of color is everyone’s challenge.

The history of the National Minority AIDS Council is long, storied and holds the memories of many leaders of color who passed too soon.  As we move forward with our new mission and vision for 2020 and in keeping up with changing demographics and scientific terminology, the National Minority AIDS Council will change its name to:


We will keep the moniker, but lose the words that defined each letter.  NMAC was formed in 1987 when the word minority seemed appropriate.  In 2015 we would not use the same word.  This is also true for AIDS.  Discussions in 2015 focus on HIV.  The new name is about honoring our past while understanding the power of words and their changing meaning.

Finally NMAC will move its corporate headquarters. In 1993 we purchased a burned out shell of a townhouse.  Our building was destroyed in the riots and fires that engulfed DC after Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated.  A homeless neighbor was the first donor to help rebuild the townhouse.  Twenty years later, our “hood” is trendy and our building has significantly increased in value.  In our tireless quest to end the HIV epidemic, NMAC needs the ability to move quickly and develop programs without waiting for government or corporate funding. Selling the building gives us this ability.  The Treatment Division and Leadership Pipeline are examples of this change.  Over the next 5 years, NMAC will roll out new initiatives in support of the new mission.  New programs that help achieve our vision for a better world by 2020.

NMAC wants to thank all the leaders who gave their time to be interviewed for our strategic plan.  As you can see, the results were significant and required an urgent pivot in our programming and services.  We hope you are excited about this new phase at NMAC, our fight for health equity within communities of color is a fight to urgently move the curve in our tireless effort to end the HIV epidemic.