NextGen, Emerging Leaders FellowshipNMAC’s NextGen: Emerging Leaders Fellowship is a program sponsored by ViiV Healthcare. The program aims to assist young leaders in the fight to end the HIV epidemic in becoming more effective and informed health advocates; it is our goal to empower them to become more active in their communities. Each year the program selects 30 qualified young adults ages 18-25, both living with HIV and HIV negative allies, to build their capacity to partner with a local community agency. This partnership provides education for young adults to influence HIV prevention and service delivery in their communities. Fellows will take part in various events through their tenure including webinars and conferences to help further develop their skills and knowledge to prepare them to lead the efforts to end the HIV epidemic in their communities and across the country.

Training Overview

Fellows will have the opportunity to participate in trainings (in-person) at the United States Conference on HIV/AIDS (USCHA) and post conference professional development webinars. In-person trainings will be conducted at USCHA (travel, lodging and stipend will be covered by NextGen). Virtual and in-person trainings are to prepare scholars to plan and facilitate their own HIV Community Project and Awareness Day Project.

NextGen Fellows will be given key tools, financial assistance and skills needed to partner with local HIV organizations to facilitate projects. Projects will be based on the fellows’ interests in HIV care and/or prevention.

Training will include, but not be limited to,

  • Stigma and HIV
  • Health Literacy & Communication
  • Public Health Program Planning
  • Biomedical Prevention Strategies
  • HIV Epidemiology
  • Professional Development Speakers
  • Job Readiness/ Resume workshops

Key Commitments of Youth Scholars

  1. Be available for webinars and USCHA Conference
  2. Partner with local HIV prevention/care organizations to facilitate projects
  3. Create HIV Community Project and Awareness Day Project
  4. Be willing to partner and work in teams with other young adult leaders

Please click here to access the Youth Initiative Scholarship Application. Deadline is Monday, June 12, 2024 at 5:00PM (PT).

For more information regarding the Youth Initiative Program, please feel free to email Cora Trelles Cartagena, Erin McNeil, or Michael Smith Jr.