RISE Proud – The Launch Event

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Reducing the Impact HIV is Having on Black Gay, Bisexual and Same-Gender Loving Men

When: June 5, 2013 at 10 AM (EST)
Where: Howard University, Blackburn Forum Auditorium, Washington, DC
RSVP for this Event: nmac.convio.net/rsvp
Watch the Webcast Event: blackmenrise.org/launch-rise

NMAC will be presenting an Action Plan addressing key factors that increase black gay and bisexual men’s vulnerability to HIV and AIDS.

This document (available for download on June 5th) makes recommendations for mitigating the impact the HIV and AIDS epidemic is having on the black gay community.

The Action Plan – RISE Proud: Combating HIV Among Black Gay and Bisexual Men

The Action Plan, titled “RISE Proud: Combating HIV Among Black Gay and Bisexual Men“, is a document commissioned by the Ford Foundation and the National Minority AIDS Council to mark out specific areas where health and wellness of black gay, bisexual, questioning and same-gender loving men can be improved for the better, especially when it comes to their vulnerability to HIV and AIDS.

The Action Plan addresses three specific areas where government policy and organizational practice can move in mitigating the impact HIV and AIDS is having on the black gay male community.

  1. Social Determinants
  2. Access to Sustained Healthcare
  3. Criminal Justice and Incarceration Among Black Men

Download the Full Action Plan.
Download presentation by Dr. David Holtgrave of the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.
Download presentation by Dr. William L. Jeffries of the Centers for Disease Control.
Download presentation by Kali Lindsey, Director of Legislative and Public Affairs at NMAC.