NMAC Urges Continued Investment in AIDS Research on HIV Vaccine Awareness Day

nmac-blocks-largerWashington, DC – Today the National Minority AIDS Council is pleased to acknowledge HIV Vaccine Awareness Day.  While there are a number of promising vaccine trials currently underway, an HIV vaccine remains out of reach.  Our nation must continue to lead in the global effort to identify a vaccine – as well as a cure – in order finally bring an end to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

“As with polio and small pox before it, a vaccine for HIV would be global game-changer, bringing us that much closer to an AIDS-free generation,” said NMAC’s Directors of Legislative and Public Affairs Kali Lindsey. “In order to accomplish this, we must continue to invest adequate funds into research for a vaccine, while ensuring diverse participation in clinical trial development and implementation.  In today’s fiscal climate, it is more important than ever that the public understands the importance of this research and that cuts would have a devastating impact on our ability to realize that goal.”

As a result of U.S. budget sequestration, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is facing a $153.7 million cut in AIDS research funding.   Today, NMAC urges all those concerned about our fight to end this 30-year epidemic to stand up and oppose these cuts and demand that American continue to lead in the search for a successful vaccine.


Contact: Kyle Murphy, (202) 483-6622, ex. 3330, kmurphy@nmac.org