HIV 50+ Internships and Sponsorships Awarded

Congratulations to this year’s HIV 50+ Internships and Sponsorships Recipients!

HIV 50+ - Strong & HealthyHIV 50+ Advocacy Internship: The Advocates Internship project is a new addition to the HIV 50+ Strong and Healthy Program. This internship is for those scholars looking to engage and participate in a structured effort to advocate on behalf the HIV 50+ population. NMAC awarded 12 internships for advocates to form the steering committee that will conceptualize and spearhead the creation of the National HIV 50+ Advocates Network. Scholars will attend AIDS Watch 2020 in Washington, D.C., a two-day meeting to form the National HIV 50+ Advocates Network and participate in the Federal AIDS Policy Partnership.


  • Cecilia Dennis-Phoenix, AZ
  • Jeffery Edwards-Knight-Charlotte, NC
  • Jeffery Haskins-Philadelphia, PA
  • Kenneth Johnson-Dallas, TX
  • Nadine Ruff-New Haven, CT
  • Nancy Duncan-Valley Stream, NY
  • Patricia Kelly-Orangeburg, SC
  • Porchia Dees-Los Angeles, SC
  • Robert Riester-Denver, CO
  • Stephen Adonna-Orlando, FL
  • Steven Vargas-Houston, TX
  • Thomas Villa-Rockville, MD

HIV 50+ Sponsorship: This year NMAC awarded 21 sponsorships to three selected meetings/conferences on HIV and aging. Sponsorships provide a platform for scholars to advocate, learn and represent the HIV 50+ community


The 10th International Workshop on HIV and Aging-New York, NY

  • William Hall-Seattle, WA
  • Dawn Breedon-Fort Myers, FL
  • Reggie Dunbar II-Atlanta, GA
  • Nancy Duncan-Valley Stream, NY

2019 Biomedical HIV Prevention Summit-Houston, TX

  • Trevor Bradley-Indianapolis, IN
  • Art Jackson-Indianapolis, IN

The International Conference on AIDS 2020

  • Kneeshe Parkinson-Arnold, MO
  • Janice Shirley-Charlotte, NC
  • Michael Smith-Sante Fe, NM
  • Rob Ingwerson- Portland, OR
  • Alan Timothy Lunceford-Stevens-
  • Nicky Calma-San Francisco, CA
  • Jared Hafen- Salt Lake City, UT
  • Porchia Dees- Los Angeles, CA
  • Esther Ross-Greenville, NC
  • Denise Drayton-Brooklyn, NY
  • Carlos Carmona- San Antonio, TX
  • Diana Goodie-Greenville, NC
  • Zeke Garcia- San Antonio, TX
  • Rob Pompa- Allentown, PA
  • Josef Pons-Puerto Rico