Big Numbers for the Biomedical HIV Prevention Summit

Last week’s Biomedical HIV Prevention Summit saw big numbers. When the final count is done it will be more than 1,400 people. We are particularly grateful to the Houston Host Committee. They made this meeting one for the record books. Here is some of the feedback we received:

The Summit’s Opening Plenary asked the question, “Can we end the HIV epidemic in women without focusing on cis gender black women?” This session was put together by black women who wanted to challenge our movement, researchers, and industry. NMAC’s job is to create a platform for community to speak its truth.

Since the opening was about women, we also wanted to have a memorial moment to remember all the transgender women who were murdered this year.  Violence, like HIV, is an epidemic in the transgender community. This session was put together by transgender women who wanted to give names to the souls that were lost and the intersection of HIV, violence, employment, housing, and the healthcare needs of the transgender community.

The Summit is committed to addressing the difficult issues that face our work. NMAC is committed to the authentic voices of community.


NMAC wants to thank all of our sponsors and exhibitors:







We are moving the next Summit to the spring of 2021 because currently it is too close to the United States Conference on AIDS and both meetings had big attendance this year. We need more time between meetings to ensure we are able to produce the best possible trainings. Since USCA is delayed to October of 2020 (end of hurricane season), we felt this would be a good time to push the Biomedical HIV Prevention Summit to the spring of 2021. Look for more information on this in the spring of 2020.

And a reminder: the 2020 USCA will take place October 10-13 at the Puerto Rico Convention Center in San Juan.  We have a new domain –  All 2020 USCA forms will be available when we officially launch the conference website on Feb. 3, 2020.  Registration, abstracts, exhibits, hotel, and scholarship information will be posted at that time.

Yours in the struggle,
Paul Kawata
30 Years of Service