Live Monkeypox Town Hall Oct. 10



Monkeypox Town Hall

Monday, October 10, 6:30 PM ET
San Juan, PR
Livestreamed on Facebook

Five of the nation’s leading organizations focused on ending the HIV, STD, and hepatitis epidemics – AIDS United, NASTAD, the National Coalition of STD Directors, NMAC, and The AIDS Institute – will host a Town Hall on Monkeypox at the 2022 United States Conference on HIV/AIDS. This event will be livestreamed on Facebook.

This Town Hall will invite federal, state, and local leaders to come together with USCHA attendees to have an important but difficult conversation on roles and responsibilities with MPV. Unfortunately, this is another virus that disproportionately impacts gay and bisexual men, particularly Black and Latinx gay men.

Vaccinating all sexually active communities that are impacted by MPV will not be easy or cheap. Our agencies are very concerned that HIV or STD funding does not get reprogrammed for MPV. There is also so much misinformation. We are inviting federal leaders to update and clarify what is known and the next steps.

The Town Hall will be facilitated by:

Daniel Driffin
Damián Cabrera

All USCHA attendees and people on Facebook are invited to listen, ask questions, or make statements. Due to time constraints, comments will be limited to three minutes per person. A report will be produced from the proceeds to help inform next steps.

Yours in the Struggle,
Paul Kawata
Paul Kawata