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NMAC needs your support now more than ever. In these uncertain times, your donation goes a long way to making sure that our programs are still able to serve our communities.

Your donation supports programs and people like Lillibeth Gonzalez who is part of the HIV 50+ Strong & Healthy community. Here is her story:

“I was diagnosed with HIV almost 30 years ago. And, as a long-term survivor, I deal with issues like isolation and depression.

I joined NMAC in 2012 when I applied to be a 50+ Strong and Healthy scholar and I have been a participant since. They have impacted my life tremendously.

I have learned so much from Mr. Moisés Agosto, Mr. Paul Kawata and our fabulous team members. We share resources  and networks and assist each other at all times, in addition to events, conferences, and meetings.

NMAC has helped me become the creator and facilitator of my group “Thriving at 50 and Beyond HIV” due to a successful one day conference I held. I can say I am now the creator of the group and hold monthly meetings on a zoom platform (via GMHC). I have had great success with the group, as we address social isolation, depression, COVID-19, co-morbidities, and group discussions on our concerns about “Aging and Living with HIV”

As a Team member of NMAC’s HIV 50+ cohort it has been a very fulfilling experience for both the consumers I serve and myself.”

To help support the 50+ Strong & Healthy program and all of NMAC’s programming, please make a donation today.

Yours in the struggle,