National HIV/AIDS Advocacy Network (NHAAN)

The National HIV & Aging Advocacy Network (NHAAN) is a network of individuals advocating for our collective and cumulative interests as persons aging with HIV. We envision a world in which all people thrive as they age with HIV: physically, socially, financially, spiritually, emotionally and in all aspects of our lives. To start, the Network is an unincorporated project sponsored by NMAC as part of its HIV 50+ Strong and Healthy program.  

Our community has a long, proud history of leadership, self-advocacy, and community action to care for each other, principles first expressed through the Denver Principles and later by the GIPA/MIPA principles(Greater Involvement of People with HIV/AIDS and Meaningful Involvement of People with HIV/AIDS).We form this Network to honor the legacy of those who lit the way, accept the torch they have carried this far, and commit ourselves to light the way forward by advocating for their welfare and that of all who are aging with HIV.