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HVTNews is a newsletter published by the HIV Vaccine Trials Network.

Managing Editor: Cecilia Morgan
Editor: Adi Ferrara
Production Manager: Courtney Liebi
Design & Layout: Lisa Donohue, Soyon Im
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Mission of the HIV Vaccine Trials Network

To enhance the discovery and drive the development of a safe and globally effective vaccine to prevent HIV.

  • We will do this through well-designed clinical research trials that objectively and ethically address the critical questions of the field.
  • Our objective clinical trial platform lets us evaluate safety, immunogenicity and efficacy of candidate vaccines, as well as design clinical trials that will provide clues on ways to enhance the effectiveness of new vaccines.
  • We promote the use of new innovations such as adaptive trial designs, which may help us get closer to a safe and effective vaccine more quickly.

Tel: 206 667-6300 / Fax: 206 667-6366
HVTN/FHCRC, 1100 Fairview Ave North, LE-500
PO Box 19024 Seattle, Washington 98109-1024

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