Obama immigration action essential, more needed for health

Reforms to immigration policy essential, but further action for health & justice needed. HIV advocates remain deeply concerned about barriers to healthcare and detention of women and children.
The following is a statement from National Minority AIDS Council (NMAC) Director of Outreach and Public Affairs Kyle Murphy:


Washington, DC – “The National Minority AIDS Council (NMAC) commends President Obama for taking administrative action on critical immigration policy needs and expanding administrative relief to almost 5 million immigrant women, children and families.  We stand with the larger social justice and immigrant rights community in supporting his decision to use the broad legal authority available to him in order to address record-level deportations. For too long, otherwise law-abiding families who only wish to contribute to the success of America and improve the circumstances of their lives are treated like criminals.  They are callously torn apart, and we are confident the reforms announced by the president today are an important step in the direction of a more humane and sensible immigration policy.

“However, relief is still needed for the 6 million or more excluded — including parents of DREAMers, and many LGBTQ immigrants.  In particular, NMAC is deeply troubled by the unjust barriers to affordable healthcare that remain in place for millions of immigrants, the continued process of border militarization, and the alarming detention of women and children who come to American seeking asylum. We know that the responsibility of creating lasting, comprehensive solutions to these long-standing challenges lies squarely with Congress, which has for too long failed to demonstrate the leadership that it was sent to Washington to provide. And we look to the House and Senate to stop playing politics with the people’s lives and support the health of our families, communities, and economy.”