NMAC Mourns the Loss of Dr. Colomb, Founder of My Brother’s Keeper










Yesterday, Dr. Mark Colomb passed away at his home in Jackson, MS. Dr. Colomb was a dedicated advocate for African Americans living with HIV and AIDS and a passionate warrior in the struggle against this epidemic. As founder of My Brothers Keeper (MBK), he understood the need to address the epidemic’s impact on the African American community and the importance of strong public health infrastructure that could serve that community.
Founded over a decade ago, MBK has grown into a national organization with over half a million constituents across the United States pursuing the health and well being of minorities through public health programming. Dr. Colomb was a fierce and committed advocate whose leadership will truly be missed. His death is a very sad day for our community.

For more information on MBK visit their website at www.mbk-inc.org.