NMAC Honors National Caribbean-American HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

By Sable K. Nelson, Policy Analyst

The eighth day of Caribbean American Heritage Month is Caribbean-American HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NCAHAAD). “NCAHAAD is a national mobilization effort designed to encourage Caribbean-American and Caribbean-born individuals, across the United States and its territories, to get educated, get tested, get treated, and get involved. It is also a time to reflect, memorialize, and show compassion for those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. It is a day of hope for the future of a Caribbean and Caribbean American community with available preventive health care as a daily part of life and a Caribbean Diaspora free of AIDS.”

In some traditions, the number eight represents new beginnings.  This year’s Caribbean-American HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is very important. In the current environment in which global and domestic divestment in HIV prevention and treatment is proposed and the needs of the diverse Caribbean-American communities rise, it is imperative that we all renew our commitment to provide Caribbean-Americans with resources, HIV/AIDS health education, evaluation, and opportunities for involvement. In particular, our Puerto Rican brothers and sisters continue to face challenges as they seek access to HIV prevention and treatment.

TAKE ACTION: We encourage you to join us on HIV/STD Action Day this September 6th, the day prior to the start of the United States Conference on AIDS to ensure the voices of Caribbean-American are heard in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Register today, its free!  Congress will be in session on September 6th, so your U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives can see and will hear you.

Yours in the Struggle,

Sable Nelson
Policy Analyst