NMAC Connection: A Challenging Road Ahead

NMAC Spotlight: Treatment

NMAC’s Treatment Division leads with race by asserting the unique needs of communities of color through its programs, advocacy, and policy work and NMAC’s conferences. Our programs expand our HIV health literacy agenda with an acute focus on biomedical prevention, effective treatment options, cure advocacy, and healthcare access and engagement activities in communities of color. Our advocacy and policy work leverages our collective strength as a community to protect healthcare reform and the gains we made towards ending the epidemic due to the Affordable Care Act as well as to fund critical HIV programs that help us end the epidemic. Our conferences work facilitates the sharing of research, data, smart policies, and community-informed best practices. To find out more about Treatment, please visit our website.

Treatment had a very successful 2017 and has big plans for 2018. Read more on our website.

Who’s in the Treatment Division?

Moises Agosto-Rosario     Matthew Rose
Treatment Director             Policy and Advocacy Manager
(202) 836-3669                  (202) 834-1472

Fernando De Hoyos           Sable K. Nelson
Treatment Coordinator       Policy Analyst
(202) 836-2226                   (202) 997-0951

Guest Voice: David Harvey, Executive Director of the National Coalition of STD Directors

From time to time, NMAC will include voices from outside our organization to present different views, research studies, or other commentary. This week, we’re pleased to feature David Harvey, Executive Director of the National Coalition of STD Directors.

Paul Kawata recently wrote that he is willing to live with the “trade-off” of increasing STDs if it means we can end the HIV epidemic. I thank Paul for publicly raising what so many have raised in private – but I think this is the wrong framing of the issue. I argue that we cannot end HIV without acknowledging an inconvenient truth: the HIV and STD epidemics are inextricably linked and without combatting both, we won’t end HIV.
(click here to read David’s full statement)

Mark Your Calendars! USCA Sept. 6-9

Please mark your calendar for the 2018 United States Conference on AIDS to be held September 6-9 in Orlando, Florida. NMAC initially moved USCA to Orlando to support a city that was devastated by the massacre at Pulse Nightclub. It was a tragic and unthinkable loss of life and, like the HIV epidemic, it left behind a community that was both broken and committed to rebuilding. Two years later, what are the lessons the HIV community can learn from this adversity? How do we honor this unspeakable loss while the rest of the world moves on to other issues?

Read more about USCA 2018 here

A Challenging Road Ahead

We have a lot of work ahead of us in 2018. We hope you’ll join us to resist efforts to harm, marginalize, and stigmatize the HIV community and all communities at risk for HIV. Keep watching here and on our website to see how you can help!