Make the NMAC Connection!

You’ve probably noticed that our newsletter is now very different from what we’ve done in the past. We felt it was time to give our newsletter a complete overhaul to give you more and better information about what’s going on here.

Going forward, we’re planning to limit our newsletters to once-a-week issues with about three stories in each. While the newsletter will give you the opening, you’ll have to visit our website to get the full story!

Now, we still will have standalone newsletters as needed for events, special announcements, or urgent calls to action. We’ll try to keep those to a minimum but there will be some of them this year.

Finally, we want our newsletters to be more educational than promotional of NMAC. We’re recruiting presenters and speakers from USCA and the Biomedical Summit to contribute pieces on their work to give you more information about the epidemic and how we can better combat it.

We want to make sure that our newsletters fit our mission to not only fight HIV but to combat racism and inequality that help to fuel the epidemic. And we hope that the “NMAC Connection” will become a useful educational tool for you.

If you haven’t signed up already, please do so now!

We look forward to keeping you informed in 2018!