Important Happenings in HIV/Health Policy

Important Happenings in HIV/Health Policy

Important Happenings in HIV/Health Policy

Week ending: March 15, 2019
By: Sable K. Nelson

Trump Administration Releases its FY20 Budget Request

Trump Administration Releases its FY20 Budget Request
On March 11, 2019, the Trump Administration released its FY20 budget request to Congress, including top-line funding requests for federal HIV/AIDS programs (for more information: The President’s FY20 Budget Request provides a total of $291 million to HHS for the Federal Ending HIV Epidemic Initiative, that was announced during the recent State of the Union. This new multiyear initiative is focused on accelerating progress to eliminate new HIV transmissions in America, with the goal of reducing new transmissions by 75 percent within five years, and by 90 percent within 10 years. The FY2020 Budget Request:

  • Provides $140 million for CDC to reduce new HIV infections by working closely with State and local health departments on intensive testing and referral to care efforts in areas of the Nation that constitute the majority of new instances.
  • Includes $120 million for the Health Resources and Services Administration to deliver additional care and treatment for people living with HIV through the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program and to supply testing, evaluation, prescription of PrEP, and associated medical costs for people who are at risk for HIV through the Health Centers program.
  • States that the Indian Health Service would also receive funding to enhance HIV testing and linkages to care.
  • Indicates that the Initiative would leverage NIH current regional Centers for AIDS Research to refine implementation strategies to assure effectiveness of prevention and treatment.
  • Proposed cuts to other health, housing, and safety net programs, particularly the $63 million cut to the Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS (HOPWA) program is a RECOMMENDATION to Congress and only the first step in the Federal Budget Process:

#Silver Lining → The final distribution of funds for is ENTIRELY in the hands of Congress

What You Can Do

TAKE ACTION: It is very important that our elected officials hear from us to protect federal funding for HIV prevention and care. Speak truth to power by sharing your personal stories with your elected officials. It is vitally important to meet to your federal elected officials when they are at home. If we don’t support and advocate for HIV funding and programs, who will?  Our movement cannot afford to stand on the sidelines. Your U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives need to hear from you.


What NMAC is Doing About It

  • NMAC remains vigilant in its advocacy to protect FY20 government funding and the existence of the social safety net.
  • NMAC is working in coalition to defend the right of people living with HIV to serve in the US military.
  • NMAC is working to understand the president’s budget request and what it can mean for this year’s appropriation cycle.