HIV & Aging at 2022 USCHA

After three years, USCHA returns in person! And what better place to celebrate it than in Puerto Rico, the Island of Enchantment.

Among the many things the conference has to offer, and following NMAC’s work on HIV and aging, USCHA will feature a pathway focused solely on these issues. In addition, 50+ folks will have a lounge just for them. A space where they can go to chill, have fun and decompress as they network with peers. Here are some of the experiences and learnings from the last USCHA from our 50+ members:

Looking ahead to USCHA 2022 in Puerto Rico
By Joey Pons

The opportunity to learn about co-morbidities, mental health issues and well-being of older adults living with HIV was enriching and nourishing for me. To be able to network and share experiences, albeit virtually, was wonderful for all of us living and working with this population. There is no question USCHA is the most comprehensive forum for HIV knowledge in community for all of us people of color living and being affected by HIV. This year, USCHA will be held in-person, and I am very excited it will be in my homeland, Puerto Rico.


USCHA 2021: Informativa, útil e inclusiva
Por Silvia Silverio

Aunque virtualmente, durante USCHA pude ver e interactuar con otros líderes comunitarios, entre ellos miembros del programa “50+ VIH Fuerte y Saludable”. El tema más importante para mí fue el taller de “Envejeciendo con VIH” ya que tengo 53 años, de los cuales 35 he vivido con VIH. Aunque luzco joven y saludable creo que es importante aprender de las experiencias de los demás para seguir manteniéndome saludable y evitar enfermedades crónicas y comunes que vienen con la edad.


Virtual vs. In-Person Conferences
By Jeffrey Long

My experiences have been awesome with USCA/USCHA, and I’m looking forward to USCHA 2022 and hopefully attending the Biomedical HIV Prevention Summit in Chicago to bring information to clients and future clients on studies being done without Indigenous participation.

Big shout out and a huge Thank you, Sgi, in my native language.



Looking back at USCHA 2021
by Victoria Graves-Cade

I was extremely moved by Linda Scruggs testimonial from an African American women’s perspective in this HIV journey and how HIV and Advocacy gave her a voice. So often in my HIV journey I felt voiceless because the message and images did not include people who look like me, which fueled my fear. […] This was a powerful and engaging virtual conference and I so look forward to learning more, working harder, and building bridges in person with people who are committed to Ending the HIV Epidemic.


‘Co-existing’ with more than just HIV
by Rick Guasco

Treating HIV is about more than just treating the virus. As members of NMAC’s HIV 50+ Strong and Healthy cohort, we are empowered to advocate for a better quality of life for people aging with HIV and to press clinicians and care providers to consider all the conditions that come with living with HIV.