Community-based Organization CBA Program

NMAC’s capacity building assistance program for CBOs is called Linking and Integrating Networks for Collaboration. This initiative is funded under the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s funding announcement 14-1403, entitled Capacity Building Assistance for High-Impact Prevention.

LINC provides community-based organizations with assistance to strengthen and sustain organizational infrastructures that support high impact HIV prevention services. This is accomplished by providing free training, technical assistance, and resources for activities related to:

  • Prevention with HIV Positive Persons
  • Prevention with High-risk HIV Negative Persons
  • Organizational Development and Management

LINC provides CBA on the following topic areas:

Prevention with Positives (PwP)

Prevention with High-Risk Negative Persons (HRN)

  • Effective Behavioral Interventions:
  • HIV Navigation Services (HNS):
    • Skills Building Trainings
    • Technical Assistance
      • Evaluating HNS programs
      • Motivational interviewing
      • Health literacy and communication skills building
      • Cultural competency
      • CBO infrastructure development for HNS programs
      • PreP navigation
  • PrEP Navigation Trainings
  • Implementing PrEP
  • Improving health equity and reducing discrimination for high-risk negative persons

Organizational Development and Management

  • Strategic Planning
  • Change Management
  • Needs Assessments
  • Strategic Partnership Development & Management
  • Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)
  • Board Development
  • Fundraising & Grant writing
  • Use of Surveillance Data & Program Monitoring
  • Human Resource Development & Management
  • Financial Resource Development & Management
  • Allocation of HIV Prevention Resources
  • Leadership Trainings
    • Building Leadership for Organizational Change and Sustainability (BLOCS)
    • Main Essentials for Mid-Level Executives (MEMLE)
    • Everything DISC Assessment
    • Coaching: Individual and Team

How To Request CBA Services

CBA is free and is available through a variety of methods including:

  • Technical Assistance customized to meet your needs
  • Skills building Trainings
  • Resource sharing
  • Coaching

Once NMAC receives an approved CBA request from the CDC, we will contact the requestor to discuss your request. NMAC uses its innovative Organizational Case Management model to provide CBA using the following steps:

  • Intake
  • Determination of needs
  • CBA Plan Development
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

For more information on accessing NMAC’s capacity building assistance, email us at:

NMAC- Capacity Building Division
1000 Vermont Ave., Suite #200
Washington, DC 20005

Looking for Capacity Building Assistance?

CDC-directly funded organizations*

Organizations and health departments that receive direct funding from CDC may access CRIS directly. Click here for direct access: CBA Request Information System (CRIS)

Organizations NOT funded directly by CDC**
Organizations (indirectly funded and non-funded) and community planning groups (CPGs) that provide HIV prevention services can ask the health department in their jurisdiction to submit a CBA request on their behalf. All CBA requests must be submitted by using CRIS.

List of Health Department CRIS Users by Jurisdiction


A Member of the CBA Provider Network    

*Indirectly-funded organizations receive funds from health departments directly-funded by the CDC.

**Non-funded organizations receive funds from other sources or no funding.