Capacity Building Assistance (CBA)

For Community Based Organizations (CBOs), NMAC offers assistance on organizational infrastructure and program sustainability topics to enhance organizational infrastructure as it relates to the strengthening and provision of HIV prevention services.

Linking and Integrating Networks for Collaboration (LINC) is our Health Department (HD) and HIV Prevention Planning Group (PPG) program that develops and enhances skills in identifying, assessing, tailoring and adapting programmatic activities for HDs and PPGs to expand the organizational infrastructure of CBO’s and promote collaborative networks within the community.

Request CBA

CDC-Directly Funded Organizations
Organizations and health departments that receive direct funding from CDC may access the CBA Request Information System (CRIS) directly.

Click here for direct access.

Organizations NOT funded directly by CDC
Organizations (indirectly funded and non-funded) and prevention planning groups (PPGs) that provide HIV prevention services can ask the health department in their jurisdiction to submit a CBA request on their behalf. All CBA requests must be submitted by using CRIS.