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NMAC’s manual on strategic management will:

  1. Increase your understanding of strategic management and how it helps you move your CBO’s agenda forward
  2. Strengthen your knowledge of (or review) strategic planning
  3. Introduce and help you understand and embrace the concepts and skills involved in strategic thinking



Distance learning courses

Please visit NMAC’s Publications Learning Lab to access the publications not linked.

  • The Power of Transformation Through Leadership Series
  • Building Referral Capacity
  • Understanding Board Development Structure and Operations
  • Grant Writing for Community Based Organizations
  • Introduction to Participatory Evaluation
  • The Importance of Needs Assessment in the Era of HIP, NHAS
  • Monitoring & Evaluating Your Social Media Efforts
  • Using Social Media in Your Organization
  • Using Social Marketing to Enhance Client Recruitment
  • Social Media Monitoring and Evaluation

Please visit NMAC’s Learning Lab to access these courses.