Women of Color at USCA 2012

The 2012 United States Conference on AIDS is highlighting women of color and their fight against HIV/AIDS.

Women of color are becoming increasingly more at-risk for HIV infections. Their involvement, their courage and strength in the fight against the virus is paramount for the collective success of our efforts to #EndTheEpidemic.

In addition to statistical infection rates, minority women often face a higher likelihood of being discriminated against, of incomplete or diminished access to healthcare and of being at an overall social disadvantage. All of these increase women’s risk of becoming HIV-positive.

Black Heterosexual Women

Black heterosexual women are the most at-risk population after gay men and men who have sex with men (MSM). One in 32 Black women will diagnose as HIV-positive in their lifetime.

Latina Hetrosexual Women

Latina heterosexual women follow Black women and heterosexual, Black men as the next most at-risk ethnic population. One in 106 Latinas will diagnose as HIV-positive in their lifetime.

Native Hawaiian/other Pacific Islander Women

One in 182 Native Hawaiian/other Pacific Islander Women will contract HIV in their lifetime. However, testing by this group is under-reported and two out of three in the Asaian and Pacific Islander community have never been tested for HIV.

American Indian/Alaska Native Women

American Indian/Alaska Native Women face a 1 in 217 rate of infection.

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