We have provided sample tweets, twitter handles, and our very own hashtag (#HIVRedAlert) that we want you to use throughout this campaign. Now is the time to be seen and heard! Our Official Social Media Toolkit is currently being designed especially for you to easily engage with your elected official on social media channels. While we understand that you might prefer to engage only in face-to-face interactions with your legislator, today’s digital landscape allows for infinite possibilities in advocating elected officials about the need to act or vote a certain way.

That’s why over the next 60 days, our chief priority is dedicated to getting you the resources you need to message and effectively engage with your Congressional delegates during the August recess and in Washington, DC this September for the official 2017 HIV/STD Action Day. We want to amplify your voice as we work together to sound the alarm! We have the scientific tools and collective willpower to end the epidemic once and for all, but for all our community spirit and good intentions we can’t achieve this goal without financial resources and informed elected officials. We must fight like never before make our voices heard!