The President’s proposed budget would devastate the progress made in the fight against HIV. If passed this budget would make extreme cuts to programs that guarantee services and coverage for those living with or who are most at risk for HIV. That’s why, this year we are converning on the steps of the Capitol and taking a stand to demand that our elected officials do the right thing and stop budget cuts that would ireppreably harm the progress we’ve already made. This not a drill. RED ALERT!

Scheduled a day before the 2017 USCA on Wednesday, September 6th this Action Day is your chance to join your fellow advocates in speaking out at this pivotal moment in our movement’s history. We have the tools and the capability of ending this epidemic once and for all and we have come too far to go back now. The security of our families and our communities depend upon it. Now is your chance to be a part of history as we fight come together once more to ensure all of our communities are seen and heard.

This year’s Action Day is co-produced by:

Our movement is stronger when we work together.