In our efforts to more fully represent the communities highly impacted by HIV, NMAC hosted Community Spotlight, a series of webinars in 2018 that focused on our movement’s diversity. NMAC’s Community Spotlight allowed attendees to hear directly from People Living with HIV, People on PrEP, and other community leaders. We highlighted the good work being done by community-based organizations, health departments, and activists. Our work leads with race because of its impact on our efforts to end the epidemic.

These webinars gave NMAC another way to highlight and educate about communities highly impacted by HIV. We hope to raise the voice of these communities that are sometimes overlooked or dismissed. Storytelling is how we pass down our history. Think of the Community Spotlight as electronic storytelling. Not only are we passing down the history, we’re also recording it for future generations.

In addition to Community Spotlight, NMAC’s various divisions also held webinars or Facebook Live events. For example, USCA and the Summit will hold webinars on How To Submit An Abstract, Scholarship Process, New Attendee Orientation and Treatment will hold Facebook Live events on the midterm elections.

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Webinars focus on those communities highly impacted by HIV

  • February: African-American Community – video
  • March: Women – video
  • May: Asian/Pacific Islander Community – video
  • June: Transgender Community – video
  • November: Native Americans Community – video
  • December: Latinx Community – video

NMAC hosted three webinars on the 2018 USCA:

  • How to Submit An Abstract (March 20) – video
  • USCA Scholarship Process (April 11) – video
  • “So You’re Going to USCA” Attendee Orientation (Aug. 22) – video

NMAC hosted two webinars on the 2018 Biomedical HIV Prevention Summit:

  • Summit Scholarship Process (July 18) – video
  • New Summit Attendee Orientation (Nov. 15) – video

Information on other webinars will be posted as the speakers are confirmed.

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