Youth Initiative 2016

NMAC’s Youth Initiative, supported by ViiV Healthcare, Magic Johnson Foundation and Advocates for Youth, now in its 6th year, aims to develop future leaders among a cadre of Youth Scholars to take action to end HIV/AIDS in their communities through educational training, professional development, and networking opportunities.

As part of the program, scholars attend USCA to advance their leadership skills, build confidence and learn new ways to prioritize youth within HIV/AIDS programs and policies in their communities. Check out the below bios to learn more about this year’s 2016 Youth Scholars and look for them on the conference floor or at the Youth Lounge!

2016 Youth Initiative Agenda:

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Webinars :

Youth initiative 2016

Orientation webinar:

This Webinar will serve as the launch for the 2016 Youth Initiative to End HIV in America.  Its purpose is to introduce the program formally to the 2016 scholar group,  and to facilitate introductions and role of NMAC and project team as well as scholars’ introductions.   The expectations and overview of the eight-month program will be reviewed.  Scholars will learn about the program design,  summer and fall scheduling  and the overall mobilization goal by the end of the Webinar.

How to Develop and Manage a Successful Social Media Campaign

Social media have proliferated over the past decade and their application to health has been more recently growing in consideration and use. A number of factors are contributing to this including their real-time nature, ability to track and collect data, the openness of the medium, and their fast-paced nature of the platforms that enables rapid and ubiquitous sharing of messaging and content.

Successful implementation of these platforms means appropriate planning and evaluation of the considered strategy and how it supports the program objectives of the initiative.  As well, an understanding of copyright and legal issues is paramount. This interactive workshop will present an overview of how to think about social media beyond traditional platforms such as Facebook and Twitter; opportunities for use in campaigns; insight into policies and legal issues; and techniques for planning and evaluation. 

Organizing for Change:

This session will focus on community mobilization and organizing for change.  We all know that HIV is affecting our community, but what can we do about it? How can we make the most impact?  This webinar will cover the power of youth activism, organizing, building power, and strategies and tactics to mobilize our communities.