Established in December 2014, the Leadership Pipeline was created to meet NMAC’s mission and vision to Lead with Race. The Pipeline embodies NMAC’s quest to educate, advocate, and convene stakeholder groups to boldly advance health and racial equity in the HIV movement. Together, we developed a signature leadership program with tailored, state of the art concepts and activities whose primary aim is to shift the trajectory of engagement around domestic healthcare disparities. Today, we partner with national thought leaders to make high-quality programming for HIV leadership a reality. By incorporating this action theory model of change, the Pipeline evolves its focus on race, health equity and literacy, and other related leadership touchstones. Our intergenerational leadership program focuses on trainings and collaborative workforce development between senior leaders and young, emerging leaders in the HIV movement. This dynamic subgoal will ensure that there is no interruption or gap in historical perspective, lessons learned, knowledge transfer, and acumen for future health equity issues.

For information on our current programs and for information on upcoming trainings, please contact the Leadership Pipeline division at:

Youth Initiative

The Youth Initiative is sponsored by NMAC in collaboration with ViiV Healthcare and Advocates for Youth. It develops future leaders among a cadre of Youth Scholars to take action to end HIV/AIDS in their communities via educational training, professional development, and networking opportunities. Scholars will also have an opportunity to attend the US Conference on AIDS (USCA).

2018 Youth Initiative Application


Building Leaders of Color (BLOC)

The Building Leaders of Color (BLOC) program trains people of color living with HIV to be full, active, and engaged participants on planning bodies, medical and support care teams, boards of directors, and other efforts to address the goals of the National HIV/AIDS StrategyThe project will run from September 2016 – August 2019 and will host the following training events each year:

  • One (1) national training for transgender women of color living with HIV
  • Three (3) regional trainings for people of color living with HIV
  • One (1) Train the Trainer (TOT) Session for selected graduates of the regional and national trainings

For more information, please visit the BLOC website.