Constituent Advisory Panels (CAPs) are a new 2018 initiative to better connect with key constituents.  Based on concerns raised at the 2017 United States Conference on AIDS (USCA) and the Biomedical HIV Prevention Summit (Summit), NMAC is putting together four CAPs to ensure inclusivity and visibility of our key constituent groups.


The Four CAPs include:

African American CAP

Asian/Pacific Islander CAP


Native American CAP

The initial tasks of the CAPs will be to advise NMAC on workshops, institutes, plenaries, and scholarship decisions for the 2018 USCA and Summit. While the CAPs will work with all of NMAC, their main priority is our conferences. We are looking for leaders who work collaboratively and play well with others.

These are volunteer positions. Each CAP will be diverse and include members who are living with HIV, people on PrEP, transgender community leaders, women, youth, elders, and LGBT leaders of color. NMAC hopes to have regional diversity as well as leaders from community-based organizations, health departments, researchers, and activists. To avoid conflicts of interest, federal employees, donors, and members of industry will not be considered.

Nominations will be accepted online until March 23.

Late applications will not be considered.

Roles & Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities for the CAPs are still being finalized. The following are the initial thoughts for 2018, with the focus on workshops, plenaries, institutes, and scholarships.

  • CAP members will review USCA and Summit scholarships applications, only if they have not applied for a scholarship (conflict of interest)
  • CAPs will be the lead in putting together people of color institutes at USCA
  • CAPs will have the option of putting together a USCA pathway on the topic of their choice
  • CAPs will have input into USCA and Summit plenary speakers; however, NMAC maintains final control of who gets selected
  • CAPs will be part of the abstract review process for USCA and can make recommendations for workshops for the Summit.

CAP Structure

The CAPs will be divided into four subcommittees:

USCA Institute & Pathway

Workshops (USCA & Summit)

Plenaries (USCA & Summit)

Scholarships (USCA & Summit)

Subcommittees will schedule their own calls. They need to start immediately if they are to impact the 2018 meetings.  The co-chairs for each of the CAPs will also have leadership calls between the various groups.

Online Application

The number of applicants accepted is limited. This is a competitive process. NMAC is looking to fill a variety of “targets.” If you are not selected, it is not a reflection of your application or skills, but more likely NMAC’s diversity needs.

The CAP application acquires a lot of data about potential CAP members. Applicants are not required to give any information. However, what information is provided will be shared with outside application reviewers (so there is no expectation of confidentiality).


CAP Application Questions

  1. Have you attended an NMAC conference?
  2. What do you think that NMAC does well?
  3. How can NMAC improve its conferences and other programs?
  4. What skills-building options are needed by you and your community/organization?

More Information

For more information, please email